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The Dark Lords of Dis [Deep Slumber Lore]
Remember the first and most important edict of the dissonant; There is one, never shall there be two, and only one that is above the Dark Lord. Therefore, the Dark Lord shall never share power and will never be counted as an equal amongst the inferior.
    The Dark Lords of Dis, usually referred to simply as the Dark Lords, are powerful, tyrannical beings that have risen and fallen throughout the course of history in the planes. Through means unknown, the Dark Lord is chosen by a higher force to serve as the harbinger of evil, wielding vast powers and raising armies to serve the singular purpose of bringing chaos to the planes of life. While the actual criterion for choosing is not known, historians believe each one to have been the best and brightest of their time, that promise of hope tainted by false powers to bring only ruin to the planes.
    The first Dark Lord in mythical history was known as Xuul, a fal
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The Huskyson Family [Deep Slumber Lore]
Hear Our Howl
    The Huskyson family was a noble - later royal - family of wanderers who served and later ascended to rule the Wandering Kingdom some 300 years prior to modern times. Believed to be descended from the old Husky Kings, the former rulers of the Kingdom of the Free, the Huskysons were a proud and strong family who led the Wandering Kingdom with a firm and just hand. The Huskyson family brought a great deal of much needed stability to the Wandering Kingdom, leading many historians to argue that the golden age of wanderers was under Huskyson rule.
    The Huskyson family formally began under Lord Corpren, who came from no noble family himself but learned in later years that he was in fact a descendant of the last King of the Free. Corpren took the name Huskyson – a name all his family would come to bare – and would some years later ascend to become the first Huskyson King of Wanderers. For the next 30
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Sigil Marks [Deep Slumber Lore]
“Imagine if someone seared your hand enough to burn your flesh to ash, then proceeded to blast ice atop the wound. An uncomfortable situation to be sure, but after it is done, you can freely vent your anger with the forces of magia. To hold this power, I would suffer any wound.” – Schmetterling, a sun eldren who fought for faerie rights to have Sigil Marks
    Sigil Marks are an ancient, mystical method of tattooing first created by the caretakers thousands of years ago, and are currently used by most folk in the planes as a result of their usefulness. Almost universally located on the dorsal side of one’s hand (the back hand), Sigil Marks enable any individual to be capable of weaving the powers of magia – whether or not they are successful at it is another matter entirely. Sigil Marks remain on the hand permanently, although some accounts say that certain castings can remove the mark, albeit with great diffi
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The Kingdom of the Free [Deep Slumber Lore]
Freedom; above and for all.
    The Kingdom of the Free was a powerful nation of the freewalkers founded over a thousand years ago, approximately 500 years before the freewalkers were first invited into the Cosmic Centre.  Known for both its pride and fierce ideals regarding independence, the Kingdom of the Free stood at the forefront of the Centre Bond, even going so far as to more-or-less govern the centre folk in the absence of the caretakers, who had disappeared some years prior. The Kingdom of the Free lasted several centuries, but after the death of its last formal king, King Wacon, the Kingdom fell into a steady decline from which it would never recover, its remnants finally annexed by the conquests of the Wandering Kingdom.
    The Kingdom of the Free was founded by the conquests of its first formal ruler, King Tejas the Huskyborn. Not a religious folk, the freewalkers rallied under Tejas after he spre
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The Cosmic Centre [Deep Slumber Lore]
    “When I arrived there for the first time, I admit I was a bit surprised. Nothing about the Centre seemed to embody a singular idea; there were homes of wanderer folk, markets of eldren folk, forests of faery folk, and so on. It is a shame I only visited so few times, it was a truly amazing place.” – Corpren Huskyson, King of Wanderers

    The Cosmic Centre is a majestic floating city located in the Dark Expanse between planes, the only one of its kind in all the universe. Built and engineered by the caretakers, the Centre relies on vast energies of magia to function, this power amplified further by its role as the hub for the Plane Bridges, the portals that connect the many planes of life. No one, except arguably the caretakers themselves, holds dominion over the Cosmic Centre.
    A powerful and inquisitive folk, the caretakers began using their vast powers to explore
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The Mortal Realm [Deep Slumber Lore]
Mortal Realm
  The Mortal Realm, known to the eldren as Midrealm and to the ancient caretakers as the Planes of Ilat, is the middle of the three layers of creation, situated under the Divine Realm and above the Under Realm. Supposedly created by the two ancient old gods, the majority of the Mortal Realm consists of the Dark Expanse, a great empty blackness lit only by the light of the stars and other celestial objects. The Dark Expanse separates the various planes of mortalkind, the living creations of the old gods who embody the dual gift of everything and nothing.
  Under normal circumstances, the Dark Expanse cannot be traversed, and travel between the planes is all but impossible. However, some 10,000 years ago, the caretakers constructed the Cosmic Centre, a great city floating in the middle of the Expanse. Drawing on the vast powers of magia, the Centre uses mystical portals, called Plane Bridges, to allow travel between the
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I think the most I ever drew was a stick figure growing up. Oh, and a paper mache dragon a long time ago, that was neat.

Hopefully I can change that. :)
Heh, it's definitely not my birthday anymore.

I had all these plans for world domin- I mean arting after my birthday.

And then... splat. My motivation took a nosedive. I've been just going through the motions for awhile now.

I'm kind of at a loss right now, I've been thinking about uploading some of my notes, but that just seems like wasting everyone's time. People are here for the art, not the madness... or maybe they are, I don't know.

Basically just say I'm stumped for now.


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